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Government of Puducherry

Social Welfare

The Department of Social Welfare, Union Territory of Puducherry also functions as a nodal agency in implementing the various welfare programmes formulated by the Ministry of Welfare through the various NGOs in the UT of Puducherry. The UT of Puducherry recommends all these institutions for grants to the Ministry.

Implementation of State Programmes through Voluntary Organisations

Sr. No Name
1 As a welfare state committed to the growth and development of its people in general and of vulnerable sections in particular, all-out efforts have been taken to improve the conditions of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the Society. The State Government in close proximity with the Non-Government Organization provide a protective environment to all the vulnerable people of the Society and takes care of all their needs.
2 Since independence, Government of India has been striving hard to ameliorate the conditions of the weaker sections of the Society through planned process and special focus; this is where the Non-Government Organizations play a unique role in implementing the various Govt. Policies formulated for the welfare of the under-privileged. In recent years, the interaction between the Voluntary Organization has increased greatly. Various Government Organization have been working in collaboration with Voluntary Organizations in a wide range of activities.
3 In the Union Territory of Puducherry, there are 45 Voluntary Organizations which are licensed to take care of the weaker sections of the Society who need physical and moral support such as the aged, children in need of care and protection, women in moral danger, alcoholics and drug addicts, disabled persons and street, children.
4 The State Govt. is giving grant to Voluntary Organizations under 2 Schemes namely,
i. Children in need of Care and Protection.
ii. Grants to Voluntary Organizations engaged in various social activities.
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