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Government of Puducherry

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a State Portal?

State Portal will act as the electronic face of the Government. It will be the single source of information of all Government matters and will provide a single window interface for all transactional Government services for citizens, businesses and overseas people. All State Portals are expected to provide similar functionality with a similar user interface. However, in exact terms, portal functionality may vary from State to State.

2. What are the core functionalities provided by the State Portal?

Core functionality provided by the State Portal would include (but not limited to) the following provisions:

  • Provide information –

    i. About Government Departments, Government Organizations, etc.

    ii. Related to Government structure in the State, budget, key notifications, Government schemes, etc.

  • Provide transactional Government services –

    i. For citizens, business establishments and overseas people.

    ii. From all Government Departments and Organizations.

  • Deliver all Government services in integrated fashion.
  • Provide electronic submission of application forms for various services from Government Departments and Organizations.
  • Provide status reporting, status inquiry and acceptance of payments.
  • Provide content personalization, self service, portal usage reporting, etc.
  • Provide web based interface for content authoring, submission, publishing and management to various Government Departments and Organizations so that they can easily contribute content.
  • State Portal would be highly available, responsive, scalable, secured, interoperable, user-friendly and accessible to one and all.

3. e-Mail ID to which queries on State Portal may be made?


4. e-Mail ID to which Departmental queries may be made?

Departmental queries may be raised at the respective Departmental e-Mail IDs provided in the ‘e-Mail Contacts’ under ‘Contacts’.

5. Who has designed the State Portal?

M/s. Infosys Ltd. the Implementing Agency of the State Portal has designed the State Portal. Before inauguration of the State Portal, the same has been tested by the STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) Directorate of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India

6. Who manages the content in the State Portal?

A team of Officials in the Directorate of Information Technology, Puducherry is managing the content update works in the State Portal of Government of Puducherry.

7. What is the Nodal Agency in Government of Puducherry for State Portal project?

Puducherry e-Governance Society – An Undertaking of Government of Puducherry under the Directorate of Information Technology is the Nodal Agency for State Portal project.

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