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Government of Puducherry

Rural Development

The Union Territory of Pondicherry was merged with the Indian Union with effect from 01-11-1954 in accordance with the de-facto agreement between the Government of India and the Government of France, which was signed on 21-10-1954. De-jure transfer of Pondicherry took place on 16th August 1962. Thereafter, the Union Territory of Pondicherry is administered under the provisions of Government of Union Territories Act, 1963. The Union Territory of Pondicherry consists of four regions namely Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam lying geographically separated from one another. Pondicherry region which is on the East coast, about 162 kms. South of Chennai is the largest of these and consists of 12 scattered areas interspersed with enclaves of Villupuram and Cuddalore Districts of Tamil Nadu. Karaikal region is about 160 kms. south of Pondicherry and it is surrounded by Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu. Yanam region is located about 840 kms. North east of Pondicherry near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. Mahe region lies almost parallel to Pondicherry 653 kms. away on the west coast near Tellicherry in Kerala.


Pondicherry is situated between 11 _46' and 12 _ 30' northern latitude and between 79 36' and 79 53' of eastern longitude. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east and by the Cuddalore and Villupuram Districts of Tamil Nadu on all other sides. Karaikal is located between 10_49' and 11-01' north latitude and 79_43' and 79_52'east longitude. The boundaries of the District are the Bay of Bengal on the East and Nagapattinam and Thanjavur Districts of Tamil Nadu on the three sides. Mahe District is located between 11_42'and 11_43' north latitude and 75_31' and 75_33' east longitude. Mahe is enclaved within the confines of the Kannur and Kozhikode District of Kerala. Yanam is located between 16_42' and 16_46' north latitude and 82_11' and 82_19' east longitude.Yanam is encircled by the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.


Administrative Set up

The Union Territory is administered by a popular Government with a council of Ministers duly elect ed by the people. The Lieutenant Governor is the Administrator of the entire Union Territory. The administrative units at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam are headed by an Regional Administrator appointed by the Lieutenant Governor.

S.No Item Number
1 Geographical Area in Sq.Kms 480
2 No. of Regions 4
3 No. of CD Blocks 6
4 No. of Towns 6
5 No. of Municipalities 5
6 No. of Commune Panchayats 10
7 No. of Police Stations   31
8 No. of Assembly Constituencies 30
9 No. of Parliament Constituency 1
10 No. of Villages inhabited 263
11 No. of villages uninhabitated 1
12 No. of Village Panchayats 98


1. Soil

The soils of the Union Territory are grouped into three categories viz., (1) Alluvial Soil (2) Black Soil (3) Red Ferrginous soil originating from sandstone, laterite etc.,(4) the calcareous soil originating from the underlying strata of chalk or lime and (5) the Arenaceous soil. The soils are further classified as per their texture into clayey, loamy or sandy.

2. Minerals

Limestone , lignite , varieties of clays like ceramic clay, tile clay, brick clay etc., are the chief mineral resources of Pondicherry Region. .Black clay, limonite,magnetite, and garnet sands are the mineral wealth of Karaikal Region. Oil exploration is also in progress in this Region. There are no remarkable mineral resources in Mahe and Yanam regions.

3. Rivers

Gingee and Pannaiyar are the major rivers in the Pondicherry region. While Gingee river traverses diagonally from North-West to South-East, Pennaiyar river forms the southern border of the Pondicherry region. A branch of Penniayar river called Malattar flows through the Pondicherry region. Cauvery river and its seven tributaries serve Karaikal region. While Godavari is the only major river in the Yanam region, the rivers Mahe and Moolakadavu serve Mahe region.

4. Blocks

For the purpose of Development administration the territory is divided into Six blocks consisting of 47 circles of village level units. Region wise blocks are as under.

5. Region Blocks

Pondicherry - Ariankuppam, Oulgaret, Villianur
Karaikal - Karaikal
Mahe - Mahe
Yanam - Yanam

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