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Government of Puducherry

Revenue and Disaster Management

The Revenue Department comprising of Revenue, survey Settlement, Registration and Excise Wing provides a myriad of valuable services to the public of the UNION TERRITORY of PONDICHERRY. The Department shoulders the responsibility for rendering a variety of time-bound services as briefly indicated below:

  • Issue of the following certificates:
    • Nationality
    • Community
    • Nativity /Residence
    • Solvency
    • Income etc
  • Patta Transfer/Mutation
  • Survery, Measurement and Settlement of Land
  • Fixation of Fair Rent
  • Implementation of Tenancy Laws
  • Distribution of Ceiling surplus Land
  • Assignment of House -Site Patta/cultivable Land
  • Relief Under Accident/Hut Insurance Schemes
  • Registration of Documents/Marriages/Chits
  • Verification of Weights and Measure
  • Issue of licence for Certain Profession:
    • Licence for Cinema Theatres
    • Pawn Broker's Licenc
    • Licence under Arms Act
    • Licence/NOC under Explosive Act
    • Money Lender's Licence
    • NOC under petroleum Act, etc.
  • conduct of Elections to parliament and Legislative Assembly:
    • Registration of Names in Electoral Roll
    • Inclusion or Deletion of Names from the Electoral Roll
    • Supply of Copies of Electoral Roll

Functions of the Department

Further, the Revenue Department rushes to provide relief/rescue in times of Natural Calamities like drought, flood, cyclone and fire with the following services:

  • Evacuation to safe places,
  • Feeding of affected people during the period of calamity,
  • Financial help in construction of damaged huts.

The Citizen's Charter contains the public entitlement to the services of the Revenue Department , standard of services, access to general information, layers of decision making and time-bound schedules of different services.Further a public Grievances Redressal Committee is set-up with the Secretary (Revenue) as Member-Secretary for the State Level to review the progress of action taken to redress the grievances of public.In respect of complaints the same can be addressed to the post Box Number 777 of Revenue Department.

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