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Government of Puducherry


Ships feature prominently in the Growth of International Trade and are one of the Principal Generators of Economic Growth. This is evident from the fact that 90% of all goods measured in terms of tonnage are transported by sea. Ports are therefore a stairway to a country's trade and their effective development becomes essential for the overall growth of the region and the economy.

Puducherry, centuries before its merger with India in 1954, was a Port city and flourished as a centre of International Trade and Commerce. The commercial history of Puducherry, dates back to the Roman Empire. Trade relations with China between the periods of 10th and 12th century A.D. also existed. The fortune of the Port stayed linked to the successive Dynasties and Empire starting from Portuguese invasion upto 1614 A.D. Puducherry Port flourished as a Centre of International Trade and Commerce during the French Rule.

The Government of Puducherry aims to re-establish the past status of the Puducherry Port by improving and developing the existing Port inline with the technological environment of sea-borne trade.

The mission of the Department is to constantly work towards improvement in all spheres of activity with main focus on quality and client/customer satisfaction.

The Minor Port of Puducherry is situated in the East Coast of India between two Major Ports of India namely, Chennai and Tuticorin. It is an open roadstead anchorage port situated about 170 kms south of Chennai in position 11º 56'N, Longitude - 79 º 50'E and is suitable for lighterage operations during fair weather months (Febrary to September)

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