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Government of Puducherry


The Law Department is an independent Secretariat in the Government of Puducherry.

The Directorate of Prosecution is a wing of the Law Department. The Activities of Law Department are:

  • Tendering legal advice to all Government Departments. Drafting Bills to be introduced in the Pondicherry Legislative Assembly and vetting of all statutory rules, orders, notifications, regulations, etc.
  • Translating the Legislative Bills to be introduced in the Legislative Assembly from English to Tamil.
  • Scrutinising all pleadings/counters in respect of all litigation matters coming up before the local Courts in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, the Central Administrative Tribunal, Madras Bench, the High Court of Madras, the Supreme Court and various other Courts, in which the Government is a party.
  • Proposals for appointment of Government Counsels like Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor including Special Counsels and Senior Counsels to represent the Government before various hierarchy of Courts and also proposals for appointment of Notaries under the Notaries Act.
    • The Law Department also functions as the Administrative Secretariat in respect of Judicial Department, the Family Court, the Union Territory of Puducherry Legal Services Authority (UTPLSA) and Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Puducherry.
    • The functions of the Law Department are broadly outlined in the Rules of Business of the Government of Pondicherry, 1963 and the Business of the Government of Pondicherry (Allocation) Rules, 1963.
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